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Our chillers are designed for an array of applications. The flexibility of these units allows for a high degree of customization.

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Condensing Units

JTS builds high quality condensing units for commercial, industrial, and cold storage applications. Our units are designed for efficiency, reliability and serviceability. Available with a wide range of options in single, parallel, and dual piped compressor configurations.

Parallel Rack Systems

Our commercial and industrial racks for cold storage and food processing markets. Available with reciprocating and screw compressors. Our systems are designed per the customer’s application. We understand that within your rack system lives the brain of your cooling process. Not only is it expected to provide a large amount of consistent cooling power, but it is also expected to control your temperature, compressors, condensers, defrost provisions, as well as all other rack elements.

Packaged Air Cooling Systems

Systems available up to 50HP and designed to fit roll up doors under 13 feet wide. Includes condensing unit, evaporator, and microprocessor controller. Available with air or electric defrost provisions. Factory charged with refrigerant and ready to go.

These systems are designed to be portable and robust. Great solution for when additional capacity is required, existing system fails and a quick replacement is needed, temporary cooling requirement, or for rental or lease equipment.

Custom Series Chillers

We know that every application and customer have unique needs which might need the careful eye of our talented team. JTS will listen, understand, and develop the right solution for you.

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