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The JTS Mission

Johnson Thermal Systems exists to provide customized solutions, not just a product, to our customers. We have a team of qualified people dedicated to constant product improvement and we will not sacrifice quality to the bottom line. We will follow through on our products and processes to ensure successful projects and repeat customers.

In 1958, Schreiber Enterprises first opened its doors in Los Angeles, California; with owners JJ Johnson and Bing Schreiber. Both JJ and Bing ran a ColdSpot refrigerator repair shop and later branched out into building water chillers and distributing kitchen appliances. In 1987, JJ sold the appliance distribution portion and maintained the small chiller business, Schreiber Engineering, as a retirement hobby. By 2001, Schreiber Engineering had grown into a company with $8 million in sales, later sold to the Dover Corporation.
Jeff Johnson is the grandson of JJ Johnson; Schreiber Engineering and chillers have been a major part of his life. Jeff was a third generation Johnson in the chiller business, working in sales and as the engineering manager at Schreiber for 4 years. The majority of his focus was designing systems for the welding, plastics and medical industries, while overseeing all facets of the manufacturing and installation. Jeff, along with his wife Sheri, started Johnson Thermal Systems Inc. in 2004, to offer more custom design and service options to specialty HVAC/R customers.
The technical capabilities and customer-oriented approach demonstrated and practiced by Johnson Thermal Systems has earned the business with high-profile customers throughout the industries it serves. Benefit from the capabilities that Johnson Thermal Systems has to offer by requesting a formal quotation for your machine’s specification. We commit to providing a high-level of satisfaction and continued support.